Credit Card Debt Elimination Litigation And What You Need To Know, Say And Do About Credit Card Litigation!

Learn how the creditors are using credit card debt elimination litigation and credit card litigation. This is how you can use credit card debt validation and debt collection statute of limitations against them.

Today you may have heard about credit card debt elimination litigation and you may be wondering what options are available to you if litigation occurs. While you definitely do not want to go through litigation, which can be a frustrating process, sometimes it can help you find out important information about your debts.

The problem is that many people face a lawsuit from a debt buyer or creditor and instead of appearing in court and standing up for themselves, they never show up to defend themselves.

This is a problem, and it is important that you learn more about litigation, what the creditors have to prove, and what you can do to deal with litigation if it occurs to you.

Credit Card Debt Elimination Litigation Guidelines

Why You Have to Show Up

When it comes to debt litigation, you have to show up to defend yourself. Why is this so important? Well, many of the judgments made are default judgments, which is what happens if you never show up in court.

This happens to about 80% of these cases. Then the judgment made by the judge is based on your failure to appear instead of on the merits of the case of the plaintiff, who is your creditor or the collection agency.

This means if you would have shown up, you would have had a better chance of getting a better judgment, which may have led to the reduction of your account or even its elimination, depending on the circumstances.

The Debt Collection Statute of Limitations

When credit card debt litigation occurs, you need to know that there is a credit card debt statute of limitations.

If you go to court and defend yourself, you may be able to prove that the debt collection statute of limitations has past, which means that the lawsuit against you cannot stand. Be sure to find out the time period on this in your state so you know if this can be part of your defense.

Requiring Credit Card Debt Validation

Another thing to consider if debt elimination litigation occurs to you is requiring a credit card debt validation. If your requested this company to validate your debts and they never could do it, take the debt validation letter to court with you.

If you can show that they cannot validate the debts that you owe, you probably are no longer going to be responsible for this account at all.

Consider a Good Attorney

When credit card debt elimination litigation occurs, you may not want to go into the court room on your own. In this case a good debt litigation defense attorney can be very helpful.

The attorney will know that if the company cannot prove their case, this case will be totally dismissed. If the case is dismissed, you will not have to pay these debts.

In other cases if the case is proven, you can often avoid having your wages garnished and you may be required to sign up for debt elimination counseling or another type of program that will help you to pay off your debt to the company you owe.

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