Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta. Learn How To Get Out Of Debt, Using The Money You Already Earn!

Transforming debt into wealth by John Cummuta Review. Learn how to get out of debt, Using the debt elimination secrets, tips, techniques and strategies for debt elimination guide!

You can get completely out of debt, Operate 100% on cash and begin seriously building your wealth to the tune of thousands of dollars a month. All With The Money You Already Make!

Now, take just a second and imagine how good you will feel when you pay-off all of your credit cards, your car, your house and every dollar of consumer debts you have.

Imagine what you will feel like, when you wake up one morning and absolutely know that all of your debts have been eliminated and you can just roll out of bed anytime You want and take your Family on that Dream Vacation to Disneyland, Hawaii, Cancun, Europe or Any where you want, without the bitter aftertaste of credit debts when you return.

With Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta, You can payoff your home, credit cards, car loans and other debts the slow, old-fashioned way and maybe end up with a few thousand dollars saved. Ultimately, You have to make the choice to be Debt-Free!

So Now...The Question is: Do you want to be the next person, Living Completely Debt-Free, In the Shortest Amount of Time?

With Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta, Learn Why!

We have been taught to charge, charge, charge and promised Easy Monthly Payments by advertisers who seduce us into financial trouble. So its no accident that the credit, finance and loan companies end up with most of our money, while we end up with all of the bills.

Millions of Americans are living on the edge of financial disaster surviving only on the hope of next week's paycheck. The average American is dying under a load of bills, with little or nothing building in the bank or in investments.

Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta shows how we've been misled!

You will find yourself actually getting angry when you finish reading this information. It will be like a veil has been lifted from your eyes and you will see for the first time how the entire way our economy works, is designed to make you work yourself to exhaustion -- simply to accumulate wealth for the companies you do business with -- Not For You.

For Example Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta Shows That:

The most staggering example of this is a home mortgage. Say you bought a home with a 30-year conventional or adjustable rate mortgage, you will pay for that loan about THREE TIMES. Just multiply out your payment times 360 months and you will see that the total is about 3 times the value of the money you borrowed.

Say you buy a $250,000 home, with a $200,000 mortgage; you will end up paying about $600,000 over 30 years. This means that you will pay nearly $400,000 dollars in interest! Just for the privilege of using their $200,000.

That means that two-thirds of that total is interest. Interest is the profit the Mortgage Company makes for lending you the money to buy the house. And they feel that you should pay them back THREE TIMES. That's 200% interest!

Now let these words soak into your mind and heart: You will have to work...week after week...year after earn FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS---Just so you can give it to the bank to make them rich!

Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta. Shows you how bad it really is to use credit cards!

Suppose you bought $2,000 worth of furniture on a typical (19.8% interest with a $40 annual fee) credit card, and you paid only the minimum monthly payments requested by the credit card company (here's why they only ask for a minimum payment), it will take you 31 years and 2 months to pay it off.

Plus--In addition to the original $2,000 cost of the furniture-- you would have paid $8,202 in interest, just for the privilege of using their $2,000! That's five times the furniture's value! Long after you had thrown the furniture out, you would be draining your wealth away paying for it.

Banks, Finance, and Credit Card Companies Have Encouraged Indebtedness.

  • Credit card companies are marketing to college students, so the borrowing habit begins in the earliest stage of adulthood.
  • Credit cards can now be used to pay for essentials, such as groceries or rent. (Madison Post-Standard.1996)
  • Credit card companies offer low initial interest rates to entice borrowers to transfer balances from other cards. However, the rates then increase considerably, usually after only six months.
  • Companies automatically increase the credit limit of eligible cardholders to encourage us to charge more.
  • Over spending with credit cards is an obsession that can get out of control.(Consumer Federation of America)

According to a study by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 96% of Americans never achieve financial independence. They end up depending on charity, family, government welfare or they're forced to keep working just to survive!

Why turn your hard-earned money over to the credit companies? When you don't have to! Transforming By John Cummuta gives you the answers you need today.

Unprecedented Numbers of Americans Are in Debt, For Record Amounts

  • 50 million credit cards The Most Ever were issued in 1995. (Boston Globe, June 3 1996)
  • 70% of credit cards holders carry a balance, which averages $3,900. (Philadelphia, Inquirer, Nov. 14, 1995)
  • Payments on debts now account for 92% of family disposable income. (Philadelphia Enquirer, Nov. 14, 1995)
  • Personal bankruptcies are at an All-Time high of over 1 million in 1996 (up from 312,914 in 1981). (Philadelphia Enquirer. Nov. 14, 1995)
  • A new survey by the American Bankers Association found that 45% of credit card holders with incomes between $50,000 and $100,000 never pay off their balances. Many others don't even make the minimum payments and fall behind on the interest. (Palm Beach Post, Oct 7, 1998)

Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta will show you how the average American will make over $1,000,000 in his or her working lifetime, and will have as much as 67% to 80% of their money Legally Stolen from them in the form of many different types of federal, state, local taxes and interest on borrowed money

The Internal Revenue Service tells us that 85% of the people reaching age 65 don't even have $200 in the bank! And the U. S. Census Bureau found that 87% of Americans never realize their dreams or desires, and are forced to retire on annual incomes of $10,000 or less. Just think about trying to get by on less than $200 a week!

Transforming debt into wealth by John Cummuta. Are you tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, month-to-month, with little hope of ever getting ahead?

Here's A Few Tips From Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta That You Can Start Using Today!

  • Begin by eliminating all of your debts.
  • Write down everything you have purchased, by determining where your money is going is half the battle on your road to becoming debt-free and critical to your future financial success. Seeing it in black and white can give you a new perspective.
  • Pay cash whenever possible.
  • Cut up and cancel all your bank cards, Using a debit card instead of a bank card gives you all the convenience of a bank card but withdraws money immediately from your checking account, so you cant dig yourself back into financial trouble.
  • Never fall into the habit of making only minimum payments.
  • Pay the most that you can afford now.
  • Put money-saving tips into practice, when possible shop at outlet malls, wholesale clubs and take advantage of coupons.
  • Avoid the trap of thinking in monthly payments only.
  • Consider the total cost of purchasing goods and services on credit and compare that with cash savings. You'll pay cash every time.
  • Compare the interest charged on your debts with the interest earned on your savings and investments. You'll find it makes more sense to resolve all debts before beginning a savings or investment program.
  • Consolidation loans: be very careful your monthly payments will be lower, but you may lose in the long run, because those lower monthly payments will be spread over a longer period of time. You could easily end up in worst trouble down the road!
  • Bargain for a better deal: Don't be afraid to negotiate with your all your creditors many will be willing to freeze the interest on your outstanding balances in return for your automatic monthly payments.
  • Avoid the Quick-Fix companies. Many will charge you a lot of money Up Front, but very few will genuinely help you in the long run.
  • Don't promise away your future income by cashing out part of your retirement savings early to pay down your current debts. You will have to pay current federal and state taxes, Plus an early withdrawal penalty on that money. You are borrowing against your future, just to pay your current debts and to continue living a lifestyle beyond your means.
  • Avoid Filing for bankruptcy.

With Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta, You will learn how to put all the money you're wasting each and every month (Paying Interest) To Work for You.

Using the secrets and insider information your banker, credit card, mortgage, insurance, finance and loan company, hope you never learn. Today, you will have the knowledge and power in your hands to change your life financially.

In Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta You will learn


  • A simple, livable system for eliminating All of your debts (including your mortgage) and how to avoid any new ones.
  • How and why you have been lied to and cheated by a system designed to keep you in bondage.
  • How you shouldn't struggle to save a little money each month to month, while you still have any debts.
  • Learn how car dealers steal your money by helping to make the car of your dreams affordable.
  • How insurance companies are using your fear to rob you.
  • Why mortgage interest deductibility is the biggest Tax Shelter lie of all.
  • How to calculate exactly when you will be out of financial trouble and when you will have enough invested to retire.
  • Where to find the money for the - payoff process.
  • How to thumb your nose at the 3 bureaus, and their prying questions.
  • How you can still enjoy life as you're getting out of the financial trouble you are currently in.
  • How to get a guaranteed, no-risk return on your money of over 16%.
  • How to stop inviting the government and big-business in, to loot and sack your earning potential.
  • How to have enough cash to cover your normal expenses and handle emergencies, so you never need a loan again.
  • And much more all focused on you being completely out of all your debts, operating 100% on cash and building real wealth.

By following these easy to understand, and effective strategies from Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta, you will wipe out all of your bills, including your mortgage in the shortest possible time. Imagine you will never again have to measure out your life in minimum monthly payments. Next you will begin an investment program that will protect your money while making it grow for your financial independence and retirement.

And the most amazing thing is that with -- Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta -- you will learn how to do it --with the Money You Already Make!

Even if your credit cards are maxed out and you have a huge mortgage to pay off, with Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta you can still get rid of all your debts in about five to seven years -- and begin rapid wealth building -- without sacrificing the things that matter most to you! You will be amazed at how quickly your debts melt away and how rapidly your net worth climbs!

Transforming debt into wealth by John Cummata. In this program, you'll learn how to prioritize and pay off every penny of your bills in the shortest possible time. You'll discover how to operate 100% on cash -- even in emergencies -- so you'll NEVER need credit again.

Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta Exposing The Illusion Of Debt:

A decade ago, debt-education specialist John Cummuta could hardly imagine such a reality. Here was a man who seemed to have it all. Little did he know his life was about to fall apart.

Earning over $24,000 a month, John Cummuta had achieved what he thought was the American Dream. He was leasing two luxury cars and an airplane, living in a five bedroom house in an upscale Chicago suburb and vacationing at some of the most exclusive resorts in American. Then, after the collapse of his company's main supplier, his business folded. Like many Americans, John never imagined such a thing would happen to him. He hadn't saved any money, and he had taken out large credit lines.

He was shocked to discover that he had not achieved anything; he was simply renting a successful lifestyle. His mountain of debt started to feel more like a prison than financial freedom.

But Now, some nine years later, Cummuta has achieved what once felt like a distant dream. He is Completely debt-free, living off the income from his investments, and he has a greater sense of inner peace than ever before.

And Now, Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta, He'll teach you how to get and stay debt-free forever -- without giving up most of the things you enjoy.

In addition to getting and staying out of financial trouble, Transforming Debt into Wealth By John Cummuta; will show you how to attain Real Financial Freedom. You'll also learn simple, no-hassle strategies for investing your money for long-term growth. And without bills dragging you down, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can amass a fortune!

After their debts have been paid off, most people can retire in about five to seven years -- and they can achieve this using the money they are already bringing home! Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta is a rock-solid plan, a plan that will ABSOLUTELY work for you.

Transforming Debt Into Wealth By John Cummuta! The most important thing you can do to take control of your debts and get your future back on track is to do something. Take action. Starting Today, you will have the knowledge and power in your hands to easily change your life financially!

NOW! with transforming debt into wealth by john cummuta, just imagine what you will feel like, when you wake up one morning and absolutely know that all of your debts have been eliminated.

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