Credit Card Debt Validation
How To Stop Any Collection Agency Cold!

Credit Card Debt Validation, 4 proven steps for fighting debt collectors, learn how to write a powerful and proven validation of debt letter and fight back against collection agencies!

Consumer credit card debt validation is a right that you have. You are given this right by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(FDCPA).

This allows you to ask for proof, or validation, of the debts that an agency may be claiming that you owe.

When you write a debt validation letter requesting validation, it should include the statement from the creditor, copies of payments, and also copies of charges.

Credit Card Debt Validation Stop Bill Collectors Cold!

1. Make Sure You Respond

If there is a lawsuit brought against you or a complaint, you need to respond to it. If you don't challenge the claim with a validation by way of a validation letter, then they will assume that the debts are actually valid.

They'll be able to win against you in court too because you didn't try defending yourself. They can use various methods of collecting a bad account by law if you don't respond. Make sure you always respond and do so by certified mail so you can prove that you sent the documents.

Validation Letter Fight Back Against Collection Agencies!

2. Ask for Validation Of The Account

If you ask for credit debt validation, they are supposed to send you debt validation within 5 days after the communication with you. This may let you know that you can dispute the debts within 30 days of receiving the letter.

To ask for validation, you can ask your local courthouse for the documents needed or you can have an attorney help you to draft the debt validation letters. If they don't respond to you within 30 days, then they cannot by law continue trying to collect on the account.

3. What to Do if They Violate the FDCPA

In some cases, if you ask for credit card account validation, the agency may respond but they may not offer you the information that actually validates the accounts.

This means that they are violating the FDCPA. Then you have to send a letter to them telling them that they need to remove this from your credit report or you will sue them.

They have to remove the listing from the credit report, even if they don't actually respond to the letter that you write. You may also want to find out if the agency is even licensed in your state to collect debts.

Find Out What Validation Of Debt Letter Means And Why It's Important!

4. State Laws and Compliance

Debt Collection, If you find out that the agency cannot collect debts in your state, you can also send them a letter letting them know they are violating laws within your state. You can ask an attorney to give you a copy of the laws in the state, along with procedures and fines.

Usually the agency will send you a letter letting you know that they have removed this listing from the credit report. You may want to send copies of these letters to the credit reporting agency as well to make sure that the listings are actually removed.

Credit card debt validation is extremely important and it is your right. Make sure that you follow the right procedures to make sure that the bill can't be collected and that the negative listings are totally removed from your credit report.

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