Credit Card Help
3 Things You Must Know, Now!

Credit card help, avoid bank card debt. They are easy to get but not so easy to manage, especially if you end up with a high, unpaid balance on which interest is accruing, but payments are not being made, you may need help.

When making your decision about a bank card, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I need a card?
  • Can I afford a bank card?
  • Will I be able to pay off my balance each month?

Credit Card Help!

There are three types of bank cards. Each has its own special use and characteristics.

  1. Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard). Issued only by banks, savings, and loan and credit unions. The bank cards (MasterCard and Visa) give merchants the opportunity to sell on credit. The banks pay the merchant, less a nominal 1 to 4 percent service charge.

    The advantages to the merchant? No accounts receivable and higher sales because customers can buy on credit. Each issuing bank sets its own policies(fees, criteria, credit limits, interest rates, billings).

  2. Travel and Entertainment cards (American Express, Diner’s Club, Carte Blanche). T&E cards are not exclusively used for travel and entertainment. Virtually and consumer item or service can be obtained with these cards. American Express, for instance, competes aggressively with the bank cards for retail purchases although retailers prefer the bank cards because they charge the retailer a smaller service fee.

    T&E cards charge an annual fee of about $50 (to $300 for the prestigious American Express Platinum Card) and also require full payment each month.

    Bank cards, on the other hand, encourage installment payments so they can earn interest.

    Because there is only one source for each T&E card, they are considerably more difficult to get them bank cards.

    Moreover, T&E card companies tolerate late payments less and will quickly revoke credit at the first sign of financial difficulty.

  3. Merchant or Affinity cards. This is the oldest type of card and it only involves the merchant and customer. Issued by department stores, chains, oil companies, airlines car rental agencies and similar seller of goods and services, they seldom charge an annual fee and like bank cards, usually encourage extended payments both to spur buying and to earn interest.

Bank Card Help!

If you're sitting down each month to pay your bills and setting aside a few that you know you'll have to pay late because you just don't have the money, you need help. Don't worry, you're not alone.

Settling Credit Card Debt, Learn How To Get Rid Of Debt:

  • budgeting programs
  • consumer debt relief programs
  • government debt relief programs
  • total credit card debt elimination services
  • credit card debt elimination online
  • credit card debt settlement program
  • negotiating credit card debt programs

Debt is a dangerous epidemic. Did you know the average American family has more than $8000.00 in debts? Debt is a rapidly growing problem as companies make it easier and easier for consumers to obtain cards and spend money.

Creditors offer enticing interest rates to join or to transfer balances from an existing creditor or bank card.

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