Credit Score Rating,
4 Sure Fire Tips For Improving Your Fico Score!

Credit score rating guide. If you're dragging around bad fico scores, you'll pay more for car loans, bank cards and mortgages. Here's how to turn them around in a hurry. Plus: 4 Sure Fire Tips For Improving Your FICO Score!

In order to improve your fico scores, it's important to know where you stand currently. The three-digit numbers, which range from 350 to 900, are the key to your borrowing costs.

Because more and more lenders or creditors are beginning to lean towards the credit scores or fico score. This is a number that mathematically summarizes the history contained in your report.

Generally FICO scores may differ between the 3 credit bureau reports. Generally fico scores vary between 350 and 900.

Credit score ratings are calculated based on items such as:

  • Number of and amounts of debts you now owe.
  • Any history of defaults.
  • Court judgments.
  • Bankruptcies.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Criminal records.
  • Time lapse since last credit problem.
  • Amount of time your account(s) have been in existence.
  • Any other aspects regarding your credit over time.

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Credit rating scores below 620 will lead some creditors to deny your loan or insist upon a higher interest rate. A score above 620 generally indicates a good risk.

If a prospective creditor turns you down, or you are accepted at a higher rate of interest than normally offered, you should inquire as to what criteria was used to formulate their decision.

Once you have that information available, you must begin a fico improvement campaign.

  1. Correct errors on your report. It is possible that your rating includes items which are incorrect or in dispute. These must be rectified in writing.
  2. Let some time go by making sure all your payments are timely. By keeping your payments on time, the negative factor will be reduced.
  3. Eliminate unneeded open lines of credit. The more open lines which show on your report lowers your overall score.
  4. Concentrate on the pay-down of current debts. The pay down of current debts will have a greater effect on your rating than the pay-off of charged-off debts.
Worrying about your score and trying to improve it while you are still paying down high priority debt may have adverse effects on your overall financial position.

Certainly a current foreclosure or repossession will do more to hurt your rating than paying off an older charge-off.

Most creditors use a rating system to evaluate your FICO record. This involves using your application and report to get information about you, such as your annual income, outstanding debt, bill-paying history, and the number and types of accounts you have as well as how long you’ve had them.

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