What You Need to Know About Debt Collection Protection!

There are debt collection protection laws that exist to protect you from any abusive debt collector.

It can be miserable receiving non-stop calls from collectors and trying to hide from them. The Fair Debt Collectors Act has changed what collectors can do and it's important that you learn your rights.

First of all, it is illegal for an abusive collector to blackmail or threaten you. Collectors might tell you to sell your belongings to pay them or even threaten you with violence.

They may also tell you to pay off their accounts or they will sue you. The only thing they can really do is go ahead with a lawsuit but just remember that they can't blackmail with threats.

Debt Collection Protection 101

Second, the new protection laws now minimize collector harassment.

  • They cannot call you before 8AM or after 9PM.
  • They may also not constantly harass you with phone calls
  • Trick you into receiving their calls
  • Or verbally abuse you.
This allows for people to avoid junk account collectors and work with collectors that are professionals.

Third, you creditors must inform you that they are sending your account to a collection agency before they do so. Many consumers have had their credit damaged even if they had intentions of paying off their debts. Creditors would send their account to a collection agency and consumers would find out later that their fico score has been hurt by this action.

Finally, if you don't want to receive any more phone calls from a collector, you don't have to. The protection laws now permit you to use a cessation of communication letter to cut off contact.

Just remember that you will still be held liable for your debts and it's important that you do not ignore your bills. Cutting off communication means the only thing you will be aware of is your account being sent to a collection agency.

There are also new laws that protect you from businesses that claim to help you lower your debts. These companies cannot charge you an upfront fee and can only collect money from you if they have done a good job on lowering your debts.

This is to protect consumers from companies that take upfront payments and don't deliver the results they initially promised.

So remember that there are laws that protect you from harassment and threats. If you are getting harassed by a collector, you can take legal action against the company.

Many consumers are unaware that they have these rights and fail to take the necessary legal action.

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