Debt Management Plan
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These organizations have counselors who are trained in credit, budgeting, money and debt management and are certified to help consumers get out of debt. Many of the organizations are non profit, thus legally obligating them to provide the counseling and the education.

A debt management plan (DMP) is arranged by your credit counselor and is used as a method of paying off your debts.

Each month you make a payment to the credit counseling organization that turns around and uses the money to pay your bills. The type of bills that are usually handled by credit counselors and a DMP are unsecured debt such as credit card, pay day loans, medical bills and automobile repossession.

However, they do occasionally help with student loans as well as other types of loans. The credit counselor will work out a payment plan with your creditors.

Sometimes they may even be able to get the creditors to lower interest rates, monthly fees, balances or waive certain types of fees. Your DMP provides a solid foundation for repayment and this is viewed as very favorable with creditors.

Debt Management Plan Basics

If you do use a debt plan as your debt management method, you still have a certain amount of responsibility to follow up and make sure that your consumer credit organization is doing the things that they said they would.

Check your bills when they come in to make sure that the consumer credit organization is indeed making the payments and doing what they are supposed to do for you.

When you begin a debt management plan, and before you start sending payments to the organization for your bills, contact your creditors yourself to make sure that they have accepted the DMP.

When you know that everything is in place and set, there are some things that you need to do consistently:

  • Make your payments on time every month. If you don't you could lose the benefits of being in the program such as reduced interest rates or fee waivers.
  • Read your statements each month to make sure that your creditors are being paid according to the plan that you and your counselor set for you
  • If you are not able to make a payment as scheduled, or you learn that one of your creditors is not being paid contact your credit counselor immediately
When you are working to reduce debt in your life, it is important to stay on top of your payments and make them on time. This is crucial to the success of the program and can not be stressed enough.

While a creditor may have forgiven your late payments prior to your being in a DMP, if you fall behind again, they may not be as ready to forgive late payments second time.

In fact, they may not be able to forgive late payments a second time. It is highly unlikely that your creditors will be able to re-age (report as current) your accounts again even if you start a new debt management plan with a new counselor.

You will be subject to late fees and have late marks on your credit report. This could lead to it taking even longer for you to pay off your debts.

You may choose consolidation as part of your DMP. In this method too it is vital that you make your payments on time. Once you consolidate debts and commit yourself to make the monthly payment for the loan, you are bound to it and there is very little margin for error or slacking on your commitments.

Your credit counselor can give you debt consolidation information and advise you if that is a method that you should use or if you should use that repayment method in addition to a management plan.

Debts are not pleasant, in fact, it is quite stressful. This stress can affect you physically and mentally. It can affect your work performance and your relationships.

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to find a debt elimination plan and enact it. If you have debts and are interested in debt cancellation, you should contact a consumer credit organization in your area to discuss your options.

Once you commit yourself, you will feel less stressed and more relaxed. This inner peace that you will get from no longer being indebted will free you up to enjoy the things that you enjoy doing.

You can visit the Better Business Bureau's website and find reports on hundreds of Debt Elimination Companies.

How a debt management plan or debt management program review works to reduce your interest rates & consolidate your payments. Credit counseling organizations provide counseling to help you create a debt management plan, budget house plans and educate you on money management.

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