Debt Relief
Comes When You Take Common Sense Steps To Control Your Spending!

Debt relief comes when you take common sense debt elimination steps. Learn how to find the best, budgeting programs and non profit debt reduction plans!

If your monthly credit card payments exceed at least 20 per cent of your real income, your debts are out of hand and you need strategies for debt elimination.

A good and basic start is to apply for government programs for debt consolidation, debt negotiation and settlement of your current debt, your goal is debt elimination without bankruptcy.

The only way to escape current and future debt is to change your lifestyle. Only then can you achieve true financial relief. While neither popular nor fun, this is a sound way to reduce and eliminate your debt situation. It is a system based on addressing the core issues of your life.

The ultimate way to control your debt does not lie with anyone else. It requires personal responsibility. The process of accepting your problem and not blaming someone else teaches you life long strategies for debt elimination. It is not easy but it is a real life strategy towards gaining debt freedom.

Debt relief 101: Control your expenses!

The easiest way to control your expenses is to create a budget and stick to it. First, you must compile such basic statistics as how much you currently make and how much you spend. Be realistic.

Take the expenses and list them under these various components. Start with the large ticket items first.

  • Transportation:

    How much does it cost to run your car, take the bus or ride on the train?

    Is a cheaper method available?

  • Housing:

    How much do you pay for rent or for your mortgage?

    Can you reduce the cost by moving or by renegotiating with the bank?

  • Insurance:

    Do you need this much?

    Do other companies offer the same services for a cheaper rate?

Next, consider the day-to-day expenses in your debt relief plan. Be logical and truthful. Gather up all your receipts and examine each section and its cost, daily, weekly and/or monthly.

Consider the following as the major budgetary expenses to control:

  • Utilities:

    How do you heat your home?

    Do you really need to have all those expensive gadgets on all the time?

    Can you train yourself to use less electricity and heat?

  • Food:

    What do you eat?

    Is it necessary or is it frivolous to buy what you do?

    Are there ways to eat right but more cheaply?

  • Clothing:

    How do you dress?

    Is it necessary to dress expensively?

  • Entertainment:

    How much do you spend on entertainment costs?

    Do you go out a lot? Would it be cheaper to stay at home?

    Do you really need to buy the latest items?

  • Other:

    Remember to examine every aspect of your life. Do you play sports or belong to a fitness club? Maybe it is time to learn how to exercise on a simpler level. Perhaps you can join the YMCA or YWCA.

Other debt relief considerations

A few other suggestions to obtain debt-relief involve what some have called plastic surgery. If you cannot cut up your credit cards, learn to stop relying on them. Rediscover cash transactions.

Carry around a limited amount of money, saving your credit cards for REAL emergencies. If you find yourself stuck, needing a card, use your debit card.

You will find that restricting yourself to a set amount of cash will cut down on impulse spending. You have an actual limit to what you can spend if you only carry a set amount of cash. This allows you to save money for actual emergencies e.g. medical or veterinarian expenses.

Following these basic instructions and setting up a budget will help leash poor spending habits and contribute to a debt relief mind set.

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