Debt Settlement Letter - Tips and Step by Step Guide!

Debt Settlement Letter, 5 Effective debt settlement tips used by a debt negotiation firm to write the perfect credit card debt settlement letter

If you are dealing with financial difficulties, a settlement letter may be something you want to consider. Not sure what this letter is? It is a written proposal for a debt reduction when you are not able to pay the entire debt.

The main purpose is to help with debt elimination, asking the lender to accept your settlement offer. In many cases, you can do this yourself without having to go through a debt settlement program with a debt negotiation firm.

5 Effective Tips For Writing A Perfect Debt Settlement Letter!

If you plan to do this on your own, here are a few debt settlement tips and guidelines that can help.

Before You Write the Letter

Before you even write the settlement letter, you need to question those debts. Make sure that you really owe the lender. There are many cases where identity fraud occurs and you may be held responsible for debts you did not incur. In other cases, some debts are beyond the statute of limitations or the company may not be able to prove that you owe these debts, eliminating the need for you to pay them.

Include the Important Information

When you begin writing the settlement letter, one of the best debt settlement tips is to make sure that you include the important information. Your full name and contact information should be included, such as your phone number and your address.

Include the details of your debts, including the account numbers, the balance, and your interest rate. This way the company knows who you are and the account you are talking about when you send the letter.

Be Open and Honest

The next tip to remember is to be open and honest with your letter. Let the lender know that you want to get these debts settled. You can tell them the financial difficulties you are dealing with and how those problems are keeping you from being able to pay off the entire amount.

Attach any documents you have that give proof of your situation. Although you don't want to sound threatening in any way, let them know if you have considered bankruptcy because of the financial hardship. This may convince them that they should work with you so they avoid losing all of their money.

Make a Specific Request

One of the most important parts of your debt settlement legal letter is the part where you make a specific request. You need to let them know how much you are able to pay.

Usually a settlement should be between 40-60% of the entire debt. Also, specifically state when you can start paying on these debts and how you plan on making the payments. Will you do it in a lump sum or in payments? This information is important and should be included.

Ask for a Written Assurance

In your settlement letter, ask for written assurance if they agree to your proposal. You want to have it in writing that they will report the debts as "paid in full" when you make these payments. Having written documents from your lender will also be important so you can show it to the credit reporting agencies.

These are just a few important debt settlement tips that can help you out as you write a debt settlement letter. You don't have to use a debt negotiation firm for debt elimination. You can do this on your own successfully if you do it the right way.

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