Debt Validation 7 Proven Ways To Deal With Debt Collection Agencies!

Debt validation why you should never pay a debt collector without validating the debts first. Learn how to write a validation of debt letter and stop debt collectors cold.

Validation is a process that can help you to fight debt collectors. If you are sick of dealing with those harassing calls from the collectors, you need to see if they are legally entitled to even collect this account, which is where credit card debt validation can come in handy.

When you try to find out if the agency really can ask you for payments. This is a process where you request them to actually prove that you owe them.

When you go through this process, you can get a written validation of debt letter to show that your debts have been sold to the collection agency, a history of your payment, and a copy of the initial contract as well.

Debt Validation Step By Step Guide

Here is a look at the steps you need to go through when it comes to the validation of debt.

Step #1 - Request the Validation

The first step is to request the validation. You can send a letter to ask the collection agency to actually validate that debt. If you need to know how you should format your letter, take a look at a validation sample letter. It's a good idea to send it certified mail as well so you know it arrives.

Step #2 - Be Sure They are Licensed

You'll need to get a reply from the agency, since they must reply with a debt validation letter. After the validation is done, then you need to make sure that they are licensed within your state to collect your debts.

Step #3 - Violation of Laws

If you find out that the collection agency must have a license to collect on the account and they don't, you can send them a letter letting them know that they have violated laws.

By law, you have the right to request collectors to validate the debts that they are attempting to collect from you within 30 days.

Step #4 - What if They Don't Validate the Debt

If you don't get the debt elimination validation that you need from the collection agency, then there are a couple documents you need to sent them. Here are the documents you must send:

  • A copy of the original letter that you sent them.
  • A copy of the return receipt you got showing that they received the letter.
  • A statement to them that they have violated the FDCPA.
If they don't validate the debts, according to the FDCPA, they can't take payments and should never contact you again.

Step #5 - Removal From Credit Reporting Agencies

If they don't validate your debts, then the collection listing should be removed from the credit reporting agencies. Send them a letter to ask them to remove this. Also let them know if they don't remove it they are violating the FDCPA.

Step #6 - Sue the Agency if the Listing is Not Removed

If the listing is not removed from your credit report, then you are able to go to small claims court to file a lawsuit. Ensure that any papers are sent to the collection agency if you do this.

Step #7 - Dealing with Credit Reporting Agencies

You may have to deal with the credit reporting agencies to get the listing removed yourself. You'll need to have proof of the violation by the credit reporting agency and if they don't remove the listing, they will be in violation of the FCRA.

Debt validation is important if you are being harassed by credit collection agencies. If you follow these steps, you can validate the debts, or if it is not validated, you will not have to pay it off.

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