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While there are several ways to borrow money to repay your debts, approach your friends or relatives first, since their interest rates will be competitive. They may require the least amount of collateral and may have the most lenient credit terms.

You can openly show which creditors you plan to pay with the loan proceeds and explain how you will implement your budget during the payback period. Be sure to offer friends and relatives a reasonable interest rate.

However, beware of the hidden cons of borrowing from relatives:

  • Is your loan going to be a burden to others?
  • Can your relatives afford to help you?
  • If you are borrowing money from persons on a fixed income, the loan may be more of a hardship than they are willing to admit.
  • Can you deal with the emotional strings attached to such a loan?
  • Will your spending habits be monitored?
  • Is it difficult to live with constant reminders of your financial difficulty?
  • Can you withstand this scrutiny?
  • Are you willing to expose your weaknesses?
  • Will you feel humiliated or belittled by having to ask for a loan?
  • Once you ask for the loan you must reveal your financial difficulties.

Finance Credit Debt!

Will you have to start paying the funds back immediately? If so, you are simply adding one more bill to your already overburdened budget, unless you have used the loan to pay-off all your old debts.

Try to persuade your parents to consider the loan as part of your eventual inheritance. If so, you will not have to repay it because it will be deducted from the amount you eventually inherit.

Are you positive the borrowed money will get you out of debt once and for all - or are you just delaying the inevitable bankruptcy?

Be leery of unscrupulous lenders who exploit those in financial difficulty. These lenders use misleading tactics and charge extremely high interest rates.

While it is neither unusual or unreasonable for financial institutions to demand your home or car as security, since your financial picture may show you not credit worthy, if you feel the lender gains too much control, or you feel uncomfortable, then don’t sign the contract.

Many consumer finance companies lend to financially burdened consumers on both a secured and unsecured basis.

Because the interest rate on the credit cards is probably cheaper than the rate on an unsecured loan.

Finance Credit Debt Online Have you had enough of working hard to make money ... just to find that your paycheck comes in one day and goes out the next to pay your mortgage, your loans, and your credit card bills?

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