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Free Debt Advice Online Plan Student Loan Debt Advice Do-it-Yourself Debt Elimination Program Review! Free student loan debt advice seems to abound at every turn.

When you are in debt, it can be difficult to know where to turn or where to begin in eliminating your debts. There is so much conflicting information out there, and it is difficult to know which advice is good and which could put you even further into financial trouble.

However, it is possible to obtain good, solid debt advice and create your own plan of action to get yourself out of financial trouble.

Free Debt Advice Online Plan Your First Steps

Calculate your debts.

Your first bit of debt advice is to gather your bills and financial documents and obtain your credit reports. This will tell you exactly where you stand debt-wise.

This first step is a vital one because it makes you come face to face with the reality of your debts. It can also show you just how far you need to go to get out of debt.

Create a simple spreadsheet listing your balances, interest rates and monthly payments for each creditor. You don't need to include long term loans such as student loans and mortgages at this time.

Focus on shorter debts like auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, payday loans and other similar types of loans. This will help get your debts into perspective.

Review your budget.

Once you have gathered your debt information, it is time to review your monthly budget. This is one of the first steps that debt elimination programs encourage consumers to take when they begin to take charge of their debts.

Create another simple spreadsheet with your monthly net income (your income after taxes). From that, subtract your rent or mortgage payment and other expenses such as utilities, insurance, groceries, childcare and student loan payments. At this time, do not add loan payments, credit card payment or your other similar debts.

After calculating your monthly expenses and subtracting that from your income, you will see how much you have left to put toward paying off your debts. If this amount is not large enough to cover your bills then you need to examine various ways that you can cut back on your spending.

Using coupons can help you reduce your spending on groceries. You may also consider turning off your cable service, going with a less expensive internet service provider and packaging your telephone and long distance services are also good ways to cut back. Carpooling can cut down on fuel and car maintenance expense.

The philosophy here is that the more money you can put towards your debts, the sooner you will be able to pay off those debts. This means that you will have more money for the things that you want and enjoy.

Personal Budget Worksheet. This is free debt advice that you can use right now.

Create a personal budget worksheet.

Once you have a clear picture of your debts and financial situation you can begin to create a free debt elimination plan of action for reducing those debts just by following this free debt advice.

Create a third debt elimination spreadsheet and subtract your minimum bill payments and your monthly expenses from your monthly net income.

Use the amount remaining to begin to pay off the accounts that has the highest balance and highest interest rate. Continue in this manner every month until you have paid off that account.

Then begin to pay off the next highest account in the same manner. During this time do not make additional purchases or incur more debts, so as you pay off a debt you can apply that money to your pay off plan as well.

This will chop away your debts quicker than you may realize. This is a tactic that many debt elimination programs use for their clients.

Debt Negotiation Letters.

Debt negotiation letters, As part of your repayment play to clear your debts, it is a good idea to contact your creditors and lenders and try to get better terms on your debts you can negotiate credit card debt.

They may agree to settle with you on a reduced amount to clear out your debts. Additionally, it may be possible to lower your interest rates and monthly payments.

Debts that are already charged off or those that are already in collections are usually easier to negotiate. You may even want to consider a debt consolidation loan so that you can knock out several debts at once and only have one monthly payment.

Stick to the free debt advice plan.

This part of the free debt advice plan is crucial; stick to your plan. Do your very best to meet your goals for payment each month. It doesn't have to be the same amount every month, but it does need to be something.

Pay as much as you possibly can. An automated payment system through your bank account can help keep you on track. You should also chart your progress and keep it in a place where you can see it every day.

Free debt advice online is out there and it is available to you, but if you follow this debt advice you should find yourself out of financial trouble in a relatively short time.

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