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Looking for a legal debt elimination service, debt settlement attorney or credit card debt attorneys, pay off your debt for less, get reports on hundreds of legal debt elimination companies and debt counsel online!

There are some simple things you can do to make this easier to do. Nearly 50 million Americans are mired in debt, and the number (and amount of money owed) is going up constantly, which puts a premium on debt elimination services.

Most Americans with debt problems exacerbate them by the simple practice of Buy Now - Pay Later. It's very easy to spend the money now and not worry about how that debt will come back to haunt you later.

Credit card ads play on this - they always show the kinds of things you can buy in the immediate term without showing the stress of paying the bills later, and as the American consumer gets saddled with debt, the impact on peoples credit reports, jobs, families and the nation as a whole only gets worse.

Legal Debt Elimination Your First Step To Finding The Right Company

  • The first is to comparison shop. Someone trying to help you legally eliminate your debt should be encouraging - but they're in the service business, not the sales business.
  • There should be at least a one hour consultation, either online, by phone, or better yet, in person.
  • A debt counselor should look over your debt load, your monthly income and your payment capabilities, and then help you plan a way to reduce your monthly bills and pay them off.
  • A debt elimination service may offer a consolidation loan if your debt is small enough and you have assets in the bank to work with.
  • Instead, talk to family members, and your local bank, for recommendations on debt elimination programs.
  • In particular, any kind of debt elimination service that cold calls you is probably one to avoid.
  • You can visit the Better Business Bureau's website and find reports on hundreds of legal debt elimination companies.

Be particularly cautious of debt elimination scams.

A lot of debt elimination programs try to hustle you into a large up front fee, generally to the tune of $2,000 to $3,000.

Another sign of a debt elimination scam is one that sounds - too good to be true. In particular, debt elimination programs that claim that consumer credit cards are illegal due to Title 15 United State Code -- section 1692, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

In particular, they like to cite section 1601, the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Uniform Commercial Code -- section 203, and make claims that credit card companies are in direct and fraudulent violation of the code.

These outfits will charge you an arm and a leg to send you a packet about your - legal rights, and will promise that because of this little known statute in US interstate commerce laws, that you won't have to pay any more money, and won't suffer any repercussions from it.

Much the same way that some lunatics claim that the IRS is an illegal agency, these people are full of hot air. It only takes a little bit of thinking to work out just how badly they're off their rockers.

If the lending practices used by credit card companies were illegal, you'd think that with 1.1 billion credit cards in circulation that some lawmaker would start enforcing the law, at the behest of their constituents being victimized by massive debts.

Legal Debt Elimination Review

In reality, there are several ways to reduce and negotiate your debt down, and to legally eliminate your debt, it comes down to a debt settlement attorney or credit card debt attorneys and working with a credit counselor. A legal debt elimination service will have these options available for you.

Consolidation is loading all of your bills onto a low interest rate card, and paying that card off religiously.

Once you've consolidated your debt onto a low interest card, it's important to pay its bill (and preferably double or more the minimum payment, if you can) every month, and to not put any new charges on it.

In particular, if you can find cards with low interest or zero interest introductory rates, and you have the fiscal responsibility to pay off that debt during the introductory period, it's worth it.

Before transferring the balance, read the terms of the agreement on the card carefully.

Things to watch out for are the time span the introductory rate will last, whether it applies to balances, and if there's a transfer fee; some transfer fees are as high as 3-4%

For the credit cards you keep, make sure the limits can handle your usually monthly balances, and pay them off each and every month, so that you're not accumulating interest on the cards.

Find the best legal debt elimination service that's right for you.

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