Don't Be Fooled By A National Debt Relief Program Avoid These Scams!

National debt relief program scams, If you're dealing with a huge amount of debt, you may have heard about a federal debt relief system that can help.

Perhaps you have seen all the broadcast, mail, and online advertisements proclaiming that there are government debt relief programs that can help.

Check out these websites and you'll find information on federal debt relief grants with pictures of the President and the White House, trying to draw you in to their federal debt relief system.

There is only one problem here - this happens to be one of the newest scams out there and you need to beware of any company trying to tell you the government will "bail you out" of your debt.

National Debt Relief Program - Is it Legit?

Who Is Behind These Offers

So, who is behind these offers for a debt relief program that sounds like it will end your financial and debt worries?

Usually the offers for federal debt relief grants are coming from substandard debt settlement and credit counseling agencies. These offers for government debt relief programs are aimed to target people who are looking for information on credit card bailouts and government debt relief options.

Many of these companies even claim that President Obama has developed a program to stimulate the economy by offering bailouts to those who are deep in credit card debt.

Complaints to the BBB

The Better Business Bureau has been receiving many complaints against companies that are advertising a nationally debt relief programs.

In fact, this is such a popular scam that there have actually been thousands of complaints. Many of the companies that say they offer a federal debt relief system actually charge fees upfront while never offering any type of service.

While there are many debt settlement companies out there that are legitimate, there are many companies jumping on the bandwagon with this scam that tells consumers there are government debt relief programs available to bail them out.

Many Consumers Take the Bait

Unfortunately, many consumers who are deep in debt end up taking the bait and believing that these companies really offer a national debt relief program that can help them. Many legitimate companies that offer debt relief solutions receive phone calls on a regular basis from consumers asking about a federal debt relief system.

They see advertisements and believe that these federal debt relief grants and programs actually exist. Too many consumers do not take the time to investigate companies and their claims and fall prey to these scams, which can end up putting them deeper in debt.

National Debt Relief Laws, New Regulations from the Federal Trade Commission

Since there have been so many problems with companies offering a national debt relief program to consumers, there are new regulations from the Federal Trade Commission. They have put out new restrictions that prohibit companies from making advertising claims that are false and they are not allowed to collect fees in advance.

Many high quality debt relief companies are also trying to help by getting the word out there that there are not legitimate government debt relief programs out there like some companies claim.

While there are options legally for debt relief, such as bankruptcy, there are no federal debt relief grants or systems available to bail consumers out of their debt. The best way to end these scams is to ensure that you report companies that are trying to sell these scams.

If you end up finding companies that say they are offering a national debt relief program, report them to the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission. You can visit the Better Business Bureau's website and find reports on hundreds of companies.

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