PACER Federal Court Provides Online Access To Bankruptcy Court Records

PACER federal court center is a special center that can be accessed online and will provide the general public with information on various federal court cases, including cases from pacer bankruptcy court.

Bankruptcy PACER is easy to register for, and it can provide some excellent information. If you decide to make use of this service center, you may find that there are some technical questions you have about using it.

PACER Federal Court Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a look at some of your technical questions answered about the PACER service center.

What Do You Need to Access the PACER Service Center?

First of all, you may be wondering what you need to access the federal court site. Well, you will need to have a personal computer of your own and you also need to have access to the internet.

You will need to register with the site, and then once you are registered with the site, you should be able to connect to the site on the internet with no problem at all.

Is Any Special Software Needed for Using PACER Courts Information?

Of course, you are going to need internet access, but special software really is not necessary. However, your web browser will need to be Javascript enabled in order for you to actually use the site, since it uses Javascript.

If you have Javascript and you have problems, ensure that your Javascript is actually up to date. Then you shouldn't have a problem using the PACER federal court center online.

What Can I Do if I Have Trouble with PACER?

There may be times when you begin having trouble with bankruptcy PACER. There is help available to you. If you are having any problems, you can always contact the PACER service center.

They can be reached by phone by calling 1-800-676-6856. You can also get a hold of them by email if you have a problem at to get the information or help that you need.

Can I Print From PACER?

Yes, when you are using the federal court website, you can print. In order to print this information, you need to go to the browser and click on the button that says "Print." If there is a particular frame that you want to print, make sure that you click on it before you push the button to click.

Otherwise you can click right in the document's body and then you can push the button to print. There is no extra fee for printing out information. You already pay for the information by page, and printing it won't incur an extra fee for you.

How Do the Charges Work with PACER Bankruptcy Information?

The charges at PACER federal court site are easy to figure out. There is no fee for registering with the site. You'll only have to pay when you do searches and the cost is only $0.08 for each page.

However, remember that even if you don't look at the page, the pages that come up in your search will result in a charge. If you use less than $10 during a quarter on searches, you won't be billed until your total does go above the $10 mark in the future.

Public Access To Court Electronic Records (PACER) is a service of the United States Judiciary. The PACER Service Center is run and maintained by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

In order to obtain a PACER login and password, complete the on-line PACER Registration Form. Once your registration has been processed by the PACER Service Center, a login and password can be retrieved on-line.

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