5 Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls
To Beware Of Before You Sign On The Dotted Line!

Before taking out a reverse mortgage, understanding the reverse mortgage pitfalls is definitely important.

After all, some people have gone blindly into one of these reverse mortgages and ended up dealing with big reverse mortgage problems.

Learning about things like the reverse mortgage tax is important. You also need to find out how to avoid a reverse mortgage scam as well. Read this article and find out about the pitfalls you need to avoid if you are going to choose a reverse mortgage.

Five Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls That You Need To Know About:

Pitfall #1 - Not Realizing This Can Affect Government Benefits

One of the big reverse mortgage falls you need to know about is not realizing that going with this option can end up affecting the government benefits that you get.

If you're on Medicaid, you could end up losing your benefits if you get a lump sum of money. This can be a problem, especially if you plan on using the money you get for needed repairs.

This is one of the reverse mortgage problems that can occur, so you want to consider your options carefully before making a decision. Don't forget that there may be a reverse mortgage tax that can end up hurting you financially as well.

Pitfall #2 - Going with This Option for a Short Term Fix

Another of the big reverse mortgage pitfalls is going with this option for a short term fix. There can be a significant cost to these reverse mortgages, which means they won't be worth it if you only go with it for the short term.

Usually it's best to keep this loan for several years to avoid any reverse mortgage problems. It's important to know the fees that may be included, such as a reverse mortgage tax, so you can decide if this makes financial sense for you at this point.

A quality loan officer can be of help here. Also ensure that you avoid anyone pushing you into this option as a short term fix. They may be trying to pull you into a reverse mortgage scam.

Pitfall #3 - Using a New Loan Officer

Using a new loan officer that has little experience can definitely be a reverse mortgage problem as well. Some loan officers in banks don't even have to have a license. The last thing you want is to take advice from someone who knows less about these options than you do.

Make sure that you work with a good loan officer that has a lot of experience in reverse mortgages so you are sure you make the choice that is going to work best for you. They'll also help you to avoid a reverse mortgage scam, since they know what to look for.

Pitfall #4 - Waiting Longer to Get More Money

Waiting longer to get more money is another of the mortgage pitfalls that you need to avoid. Sometimes it will make more sense to go ahead with the loan when the rates are very low and you can get good terms.

Sometimes you can get a bit more if you add a couple years, but this won't pay off for you if the interest rates end up rising as well. As long as you are at least 62 or older, the low rates are a good sign that you should go ahead with this mortgage.

Pitfall #5 - Moving Too Fast in the Process

Last, moving too fast in this process can also be one of the reverse mortgage pitfalls that you need to avoid. More than likely you'll have questions and you should get the answers before you go on with this decision. If someone is trying to push you to hurry into a loan, it may be a reverse mortgage scam.

However, once you make the decision that you want a reverse mortgage, a good agent can help you get what you want rather quickly.

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