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Can you legally stop debt collector calls? The Latest Guide to dealing with debt collectors and debt collection laws. We have all been at the other end of the phone, when it comes to debt collector’s ringing on your phone, but how do you stop a debt collector from calling?

Learn about the fair debt collection practices act and debt collection statute of limitations, stop collection calls, Today.

Most of the time these debt collection agencies come up as UNAVAILABLE or NO DATA on the caller id, but it can be tempting to answer anyway. Maybe it’s Mom and she needs help, or the kids have the car that day and they might need to talk; it could be a malfunction with the Caller ID after all, couldn’t it?

Of course it could, but it seems that life never works out that way. Anyway, whether you answer or not it an be hard to stop a debt collector from ringing you on the phone non stop, but what do you do? Pay the debt or don’t right?

Wrong. Just because you owe a debt does not make you less entitled to your privacy, and in cases where the account isn’t actually owed by you, debt collector calls can get rather annoying. Take heart; there are some ways to stop debt collector calls that you can use to get the privacy back in your life.

The FDCPA Is On Your Side

It is easy to think that because you owe a debt, your debtors have the right to constantly call and harass you, but this is not the truth.

There is something called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that puts the law on your side, no matter how much you owe or who you owe it to.

This means that if you want to stop a debt collector from calling you all you should have to do is tell them that you would like them to stop, that it is not you they are calling for, or anything else of that nature.

These debt collectors call you for a reason--because they think that you think there is little to nothing that you can do about their calling, but boy are they wrong. Put some knowledge in your head, and check out the FDCPA today, and stop those debt collectors from wasting your valuable time.

Use the Power of the Written Word

Some people underestimate the power of a cease-and-desist letter. Of course, debt collection agencies are not always notorious for following the letter of the law, but the surest way to stop a collector from harassing you is to write up a cease-and-desist letter and have it delivered to them.

The law says that once they receive a written request, they are no longer allowed to harass you. If they are calling over and over even after you hang up, say so, as they are violating the FDCPA.

Whatever they are doing that is disrupting your life and making you feel harassed, put it in the letter and they are going to have to cut it out sooner rather than later.

Stop Debt Collector calls Make A Formal Complaint

Making a formal complaint to a government agency is one way to go about stopping a debt collector from harassing you.

The Federal Trade Commission is the best agency to contact in case of harassment, but you shouldn’t expect immediate results from this as several complaints must usually be made before a formal investigation is initiated.

However advising a collection agency that you have filed formal complaints and having those complaints on file is a great way to stop debt collectors from calling.

Stop Debt Collector Calls Worse Case Scenario: How To File For Bankruptcy

While everybody’s case is different, filing personal bankruptcys seems to be one few ways to actually stop the debt collection calls period.

While there are different types of bankruptcy out there and the personal bankruptcys law has changed some in the past year or so, personal bankruptcy puts a hold on all of your debt, putting a stop on your debt collection calls as well.

This is a bit extreme, and you probably don’t want to do this to escape a $365 hospital bill, but only you can figure out what is best for your situation.

Of course this is much easier said than done, but protecting your credit and your personal information in the first place, as well as making arrangements with debtors and doing your best to stay up on your credit is the best way to keep the debt collection agencies from bothering with you at all.

Keep in mind that however many changes you may go through to stop debt collector calls, the best way to keep from getting these calls is to manage your finances and your debts better.

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