Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
Don't Pay Your Student Loans, Have them Forgiven!

Student loan forgiveness programs are available today and they are definitely something to consider if you are interested in student loan debt relief.

Some of the programs will eliminate part of your loans, while others will provide debt elimination for all of your student loans.

Federal student loan forgiveness is definitely something you should be considering, and here is a look at some of the programs available so you can find out if you qualify to eliminate those student loans hanging over your head.

7 Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Many of these programs aren't widely advertised and most people who are eligible don't even realize that they qualify to have thousands of dollars wiped off the balance of their educational loans.

Programs for the Armed Forces

If you are in the armed forces, you will find that there are loan forgiveness programs available that you may qualify for. The government offers various programs to show appreciation for the service of those in the military. The National Guard has its own special program, and there are other programs available for other branches of the military that offer federal student loan forgiveness.

Programs for Teachers

For teachers that qualify, there are programs available that can offer student loan debt relief as well. In fact, for those that qualify, up to $17,500 can be paid towards loans teachers have from collage.

Teachers that have Direct loan balances or FFEL balances outstanding may qualify for $5,000 towards their loans after teaching for five years. Those who teach at secondary schools or teachers in science or mathematics can qualify for increased amounts to help with debt elimination.

Programs for Law Enforcement

Those involved in law enforcement may be able to get federal student loan forgiveness as well. Correction officers and those full time in law enforcement may be able to get 15% of their loans forgiven during their first two years, and that percentage goes up in consecutive years of service.

Programs for Medical Professionals

Even medical professionals may quality for student loan forgiveness programs. There are great programs out there that help with debt elimination for physicians and nurses that are practicing in the medical field and helping those that do not get the medical care they need.

Up to 60% of college loans can be paid for nurses through the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program, but this will require that nurses spend two years in facilities that have critical shortages. Qualified medical professionals may be eligible for help through the National Health Services Corps as well.

Programs for Employees of Child or Family Services Agencies (Non Profit)

Federal student loan forgiveness is available to those who work in child or family services agencies that are non profit. This was developed to help bring in more childcare professionals that have high training. Those at centers that are eligible can get up to 100% of their student loans forgiven.

Programs for Volunteers

Those who are involved in volunteer work may be able to benefit from student loan forgiveness programs and get some student loan debt relief. Those who volunteer in organizations like the Volunteers in Service to America, Americorps, or the Peace Corps may qualify for different amounts of loan forgiveness.

Other Programs Available

Of course, there are other student loan forgiveness programs that are available today. There are programs for those involved in state Head Start programs, options for those that work with the disabled, and more. Take time to investigate to find out if you can qualify for one of these programs and enjoy debt elimination of your student loans.

You can visit the Better Business Bureau's website and find reports on hundreds of Debt Elimination Companies.

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