National Taxpayer Advocate Service, Offers FREE IRS Tax Relief If You Qualify, Settle Your IRS Tax Debt Get Started, Today!

The National Taxpayer Advocate Service offers FREE IRS tax relief and IRS tax problem help. Settle your IRS debt, Today. Here’s what every taxpayer should know. Find out if you qualify.

For those looking for IRS tax relief, the Taxpayer Advocate Service or TAS may be able to help. There are many people today who are dealing with a large amount of tax debts and they don't even realize that there is a taxpayer advocate available to them.

What exactly is this program for IRS debt help or tax debt forgiveness?

Well, the Taxpayer Advocate Service is a program that is run by the IRS and it is a system that is independent that will help you make sure that your tax issues can be handled fairly and quickly if they haven't been dealt with through some of the other advocate taxpayer service channels available.

The goal of this service is to make sure that taxpayers know their rights and that their taxes can be relieved.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service Or TAS

What Taxpayers Can Expect!

No doubt you're wondering what to expect from the tax debt help that is offered by this service. If you use this service, you'll receive your own personal advocate. TAS employees know the IRS and how to navigate it. They'll take the time to listen to what you have to say and then will help make sure that your concerns are addressed.

TAS helps taxpayers whose problems are causing personal financial difficulty or significant cost, including the cost of a tax debt attorney and other professional representation.

You can expect the personal advocate to provide you with a new look at the problem you have, they'll acknowledge the problem in a timely manner, will update you, and you'll have the contact information of the person who is working on your case.

Who Can Use This Service?

There are a variety of people who can be helped by the Taxpayer Advocate Service if they are dealing with an IRS tax problem.

Usually they can help you if you are dealing with the following due to the tax laws and their application:

  • Those dealing with hardship or those about to deal with it
  • Those who will end up with big costs
  • A taxpayer facing adverse action in the immediate future
  • Those who don't have a resolution or response when they're supposed to
  • Those who will deal with negative impacts or injuries
  • Those who have had a delay of 30 days or more to deal with the problem.

If this describes the situation that you as a taxpayer are going through, you should definitely take the time to contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

However, you should remember that they don't provide you with a substitute for going through appeals and procedures that are established with the Internal Revenue Service. Technical and legal determinations are not able to be reversed by this action.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is your voice at the IRS.

TAS has at least one local taxpayer advocate in each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. They will listen to your problems and try to help you to understand what needs to be done to resolve it. They stay with you every step of the way until your problem is resolved.

Not sure how to reach this department? There are a variety of different ways that they can be reached. They can be reached, toll free, by calling 1-877-777-4778. This toll free number can be called as well (1-800-829-4059) and you can ask to speak to an advocate.

Instead of trying to deal with your taxpayer issues alone, there is help available if you have exhausted all other measures.

The TAS can provide you with the help needed to deal with the problems you may have with the IRS. TAS is an independent organization within the Internal Revenue Service, led by the National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA). TAS helps individual and business taxpayers resolve problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Each state has at least one Local Taxpayer Advocate, who is independent of the local IRS office and reports directly to the NTA.

As a taxpayer if you have an ongoing issue with the Internal Revenue Service that has not been resolved through normal processes, or you have suffered, or are about to suffer a significant hardship/economic burden as a result of the administration of the laws, as a taxpayer you can contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service

Where To Go For IRS Tax Debt Advocate Help?

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