Validation of Debt Letter, Learn How To Write A Debt Validation Letter That Works!

Validation of debt letter or debt validation letter which is the most effective way of dealing with debt collectors learn how to write a effective credit card debt validation letter.

A validation letter can be useful if you aren't sure that you actually owe the debts. It often occurs that you get a credit rating that you're not aware of, or even invalid debts.

If you don't think that you actually owe the money, debt validation can help and you can write a validation letter to find out if you really owe the money or not. This can help you to save your financial future, as well as your credit score.

Validation of debt letter, 7 steps to stopping collectors

Here is a look at how to go through credit card debt validation or other types of validation of debts.

Ask for Proof

First, ask for some proof. You can write a validation letter to the creditor. Ask them for bill of sales, purchase orders, copies of the contracts, and more. You may have copies of your own, but you shouldn't assume the copies they have are the very same.

Get Everything in Writing

When you write the validation letter, ask for everything in writing. Ask for a letter that will let you know about the balance, the claims, the origin of any charges, and how all of them were calculated. You should also ask for itemization of everything as well.

Send a Letter of Dispute

The next thing to do is to send out a letter of dispute. This allows you to state what you think in writing, the information on your account, and how you want this to be resolved. Make sure that this is sent by certified mail and that you get a return receipt.

Read Any Fine Print

If they send anything acknowledging the validation or dispute letter and they try to agree to come to a settlement agreement, make sure you don't sign anything unless it has terms of lawsuit withdrawal and retracting any credit information that is derogatory.

Have an Attorney on Your Side

Sometimes, it can be a good idea to have an attorney on your side. You can avoid the legal processes and you may be able to get a settlement option even more quickly if you have an attorney helping you out.

Keep Checking the Credit Report

Even after you have come to a settlement with the collector, make sure that you keep checking out the credit report.

You want to make sure that the inaccurate information is really taken off the report so that it doesn't continue affecting you in a negative way. If it isn't taken off, you may need to talk to the credit reporting agency to ensure it does get retracted.

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