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When you set out to eliminate debt in your life, you have choices. Though you may feel trapped, as if you have no choice, you always have choices, especially when it comes to your debts.

1. Set Realistic Financial Goals

Actually, any goal that you set should be realistic. You can still make it challenging, but don't say that you are going to pay off all of your debt in six months when there is no way in the world that you can do it. Set goals though, both long term and short term, that will help you wipe out debt and get your credit scores back on track.

2. Make a Personal Budget

Create a personal budget worksheet that is both realistic and flexible. Your financial circumstances can change dramatically from one month to the next and you need to create a household budget so that it can bend to accommodate those changes.

3. Put Away a Little for a Rainy Day

You should try to save some money each month. It is a good idea to put away a little for retirement, your child's education or just for a rainy day. You should not spend your savings to pay off credit card debt.

That is as bad an idea as using your credit card as an extension of your income. Both of those practices are detrimental to your financial health.

4. Best ways to pay off debt

Of course the best way to wipe out debt is to pay it off. You don't have to pay it in one huge lump, you can make minimum payments each month on all your accounts and make a payment to one account that is higher than the minimum payment.

You need to find a strategy that works for you because if you can't live with it, you won't stick to it and you will remain in debt.

5. Government programs for debt consolidation

This is a good option for some people who have several items of debt. It will wipe out your debts in one fail swoop and then you only have the one monthly payment to make on your credit card debt elimination consolidation loan. If you go with a debt reduction and consolidation loan for your debt elimination efforts, however, make sure that you thoroughly review the terms.

A debt consolidation loan can have exorbitant interest rates and you certainly want to avoid those.

6. Try credit counseling services debt management

A credit counselor will show you how to wipe out your debt and teach you how to stay out. You will have to give them a certain amount each month and they will disburse it to the appropriate creditors. Many people have had great success with this method.

7. Keep track of your purchases with a personal budget worksheet

When you are eliminating your debts, it helps greatly to understand your spending habits. Make a personal budget you can do this by keeping track of your purchases and writing down every dime that you spend. Write down the date, amount of purchase, what you purchased and where your purchased it in a envelope budget system.

You may find it helpful to write down the times of the purchases so that you can see possible spending patterns.

You have many options when you decide to wipe out debt and reconstructing your credit report. It takes work and discipline, but you can do it. You can become debt free.

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