Learn How To Avoid Online Debt Cancellation Scams

Review Debt cancellation companies, charged off accounts, arbitration cancellation and other ways to pay off debts. legally get out of debt using the money you already earn!

There are some companies that have been cropping up, particularly on the internet, that are claiming to have methods of negotiating credit card bills yourself, how to cancel credit card accounts, and sample settlement of debt letters.

They claim that they have found a loophole in the law that will release from your bills and you won't have to pay another bill.

They may even claim that creditors who impose debts on you are breaking the law. They may sound very credible and knowledgeable of the law and you may be tempted to go with their program in an effort to eliminate your accounts. One word of advice here - don't.

Debt cancellation companies are quite often a scam.

They will take your money and do little, if anything, to reduce your debts. They may claim to offer financial relief, but there are con artists who make their living scamming hapless victims who have gotten themselves into trouble and don't know how to get out.

They will promise to reduce your interest rate and reduce the amount that you owe and help you. If you fall for this, you could wind up paying hundreds of dollars and get nothing return except for more late fees and penalties. Beware of the scams! Know how to protect yourself!

The Federal Trade Commission has filed suit against more than a dozen cancellation companies in recent years. They contact consumers, making promises of relieving them of their debts.

These cancellation promises are rarely kept. On top of it, these companies charge exorbitant fees, promising refunds if they are unable to help the consumer with the cancellation. Unfortunately, those refunds are rarely given even through the cancellation services are not rendered as stipulated.

Debt cancellation firms prey on people who are desperate to get relief from their debts. They feel stressed, worried and hopeless. When one of these companies comes swooping in to save the day, the person begins to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

A cancellation company exploit the people's trust and use their deceit and charismatic approach to get the consumer excited and hopeful. They may even claim to be non profit even when they are for profit.

These debt cancellation firms may also mislead people by telling them that they do not charge any fees or that their fees are very small. Sometimes they avoid the mention of fees altogether. The truth is that there are often hidden fees and those fees are quite high.

They may ask for a fee or a certain amount of money. They may even lead the consumer to believe that the money is to pay their bills when, in fact, it is one of their fees for finding a company to help or for helping the consumer with their bills.

These firms may claim to consolidate your bills as a way of helping you get ahead. They may claim to be able to reduce interest rates and waive fees when they really can not do any of that.

Government programs for debt consolidation, military debt consolidation loans and private student loan debt consolidation should be done by a company that has a good reputation. Check out the company thoroughly to make sure that they are legitimate. Before you hand over your money to anyone, make sure that you are handing it over to a company that is on the up and up.

Some nonprofit debt settlement programs are just as bad. They will promise to reduce your payments, reduce your principal by as much as 70 percent and cause your payments to be greatly decreased. You should beware of these programs. Many are not able to deliver what they promise and you will shell out hundreds of dollars and wind up with nothing.

Credit counseling services debt management is a better option if you want a credit management plan. A counseling program can help you learn how to manage your money and eliminate your bills.

They can also give you legitimate consolidation information. They can help you eliminate your bills and get back on track with a envelope budget system.

There are debt cancellation companies that are honest and that can help; you just have to be careful and proceed with caution. Don't throw your money away on a scam, get the facts and get rid of your bills.

Not all cancellation companies are scams, but it is important that you do not throw your money at the first company that you find. Investigate the company, ask questions, ask for references and check with the Better Business Bureau.

You can visit the Better Business Bureau's website www.BBB.org and find reports on hundreds of companies.

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